The right ( way ) to protest ?

Corruption is a menace in everybody’s life . That is the reason the anti-corruption movement in the country over the last few months has gained so much popularity among the masses . A bill that has been waiting for 42 years to be passed became the main issue of contention . It was important that people knew and the government was reminded that such a bill existed. Today the name od that bill is common knowledge. The lokpal bill has been getting the attention it so badly needed.And for that we need to thank anna hazare.Crowds gathered at various locations across the nation to support the cause.To wake a government who for the last seven years did not bother about the bill , needed that kind of jolt . People needed a platform to vent their anger at the government for not acting against corruption even after scam behind scam defamed UPA II .That anger is the strength of this movement.
Led by Team Anna , this movement gained strength over 3-4 months . The movement attracted the attention of the government , the common man and the media .
What happened after that is well known .
Team Anna wanted parliament to pass the lokpal bill and only the their version of it , with “minor amendments” and without going through the standing commitee of parliament , and do it by the 30th of august .

Why go through the standing commitee you ask ?
The standing commitee is the one , the only place where a common citizen can give his inputs about a particular bill while it is being finally drafted . If your views are backed with arguments and it can convince the commitee , it will be included in the draft , subject to cabinet approval . If the points of veiw are acceptable , the cabinet will accept it . The RTI act ,for example , was amended a 153 times in the standing commitee ! And it did not have the backing of 10,000 people on the streets and a 74 year old person on a fast unto death ! It just required a group of people who had the will to make a rotting system work , not bypass it and condemn it .
Team Anna has not just bypassed a step in law making but also snatched away the legal right of many individuals and organisations who wanted to have their voices heard , democratically !

It’s a democracy . You have the right to speech and so does everyone else . Just because you gather as a crowd of 10,000 and drown my voice , does not mean that I do not have the right to be heard !
There was an advertisement in all newspapers inviting suggestions from the public on the bill . For people like Aruna Roy and JayPrakash Narayan , who have different opininons to that of team anna , this was the chance to be heard . Team Anna claimed that they had consulted lots of people on the issue and were convinced that they had everyone’s opinion on board . Clearly , they did not and clearly they still do not care .
First of all , a law is not the answer to corruption ! If it was , the prevention of corruption act would have done something more . This huge movement for one bill is a waste of people’s energies ! If this movement was directed towards a larger systemic change ,then I would have been optimistic of getting rid of corruption  ! Getting parliament to pass this jan lokpal bill should not be considered as a great victory of people’s power ! And anyone who has ever paid a bribe in his life does not have the moral right to be part of an anticorruption protest ! The attitude that ” I paid a bribe because there is no other way out ” is ruining this country ! That is the reason we are so corrupt a people ! That is where you need to be the change u wanna see ! Not by claiming moral victory over the govt simply because u got them to pass a bill with a 74 year old on a fast unto death and without thinking that there are people who have different opinions on the bill !

Team Anna has basically said ” You are either with us , or you are with them ” . Anyone who opposes the movement is pro corruption , anti national and what not . Hell , I’ve been called an armchair critic and neckdeep in corruption for not going on the streets and supporting anna !

Anna Hazare is no Mahatma Gandhi . This movement is not Gandhian . It is non violent  , not Gandhian .

The great Mahatma resorted to fasts 28 times in his life . None of which  were fasts unto death . Further , only one of those was against the government . The rest were for communal peace and things like that .

Yes , the system is rotting but jumping over it is not the answer. There are procedures in lawmaking and they take time . Take time because our’s is a large nation and to get a large number of opinions and to arrive at a consensus takes time ! When you accept that the Lokpal is an important bill , also acknowledge that you should give it time to be debated in parliament after it is tabled . Team Anna might have debated with thousands and possibly lakhs of people . But then you need to give the other thousands and lakhs of people a chance to voice their opinion ! That is what parliament does .

Today , the govt agreed to a debate in parliament . The debate is  on even as I type . Anna is still on fast . The debate so far has made every party’s stand on the lokpal bill clear . Then Team Anna comes out and says “we want a resolution , we want a vote ” . The parliament is debating the lokpal bill today not only to satisfy anna’s demand and get him to break his fast . There is a larger point , a more significant point everyone is missing . Its a debate to find the best of the jan lokpal bill and modify some other points and give the standing commitee a reference to base their own debates ! And finally out of all this will emerge a strong lokpal bill !
 Now what is the need here to read the wordings of some resolution and ask for votes before anna breaks his fast ?  Unlike the previous 8 times this bill has been brought to parliament ,this time people and the media are not only aware but also keeping a close eye on proceedings . Anna’s latest fast is totally uncalledfor and unjustified . Team Anna had the nation galvanised but by focussing the entire crowd’s attention on only the lokpal bill , has scored a self goal . By not calling off anna’s fast even after the entire loksabha and the prime minister no less made appeals , has also overplayed that trumpcard they had .
When the Lokpal debate eventually ends , this movement is in the risk of thinning out simply because not enough attention has been paid in getting people to really ” be the change they want to see ” . This movement should go beyond the lokpal bill . This movement should not just be standing at ramlila maidan and freedom park and shouting slogans . That is noless “armchair critisism” as some may call this blog . Get people to clean the system ! Get them to not be bribe-givers . It’s very similar to illegal poaching. If there are people to buy snake skin bags , poachers will kill for it . My Environmental education book taught me that if the buying stops , the selling will stop too . If the selling stops , the killing will stop . It’s no different here ! As long as there are people to pay bribes , people will take bribes. If the giving stops , the taking will stop too . But in this largely hypocritical society , people will dismiss this suggestion as impractical . The implementation of an institution that will have to handle the complaints and grievances of 1.2 billion indians is more practical  is it ?

Any movement that finds itself to be on a higher moralground than everyone else will never succeed . If Team Anna feels that civil society is the highly exagerated figure of 25 lakhs on the streets of india in the name of anticorruption and anna hazare , they are wrong . There are scores of other honest indians who support your cause , not your method . Respect their views . Let them be heard , not on your ramlila maidan platform . On the platform where they have been given the constitutional right to be heard , in front of the parliamentary commitees . Don’t restrict their rights by exercising yours .

Lokpal Bill : The whole solution or just a part of it ?

Starting from where I left off in my previous post ( ) , there has to be some way to tackle corruption and if the lokpal is not the complete answer to that , what is ?

The problem with this agitation led by Anna Hazare has been the creation of this notion that if you don’t support Anna and the Lokpal bill , you must be pro-corruption , anti-development , and neck deep in corruption yourself , which is why you are afraid of the lokpal bill . That is not the case and the sooner more people realise that , the more answers we will get to the question of how to stop corruption . The lokpal bill is not the last straw in the battle against corruption . It’s not that the lokpal is not going to help . The mass agitation for it is a significant step, a crucial step  that has shaken the government and told them that the people are angry , fed up and disgusted by corruption and the inabilty of this government to do anything to counter corruption has fueled that anger further .

Tell me . What is it that affects the common man more? The fact that he has to pay a bribe to get his passport , driver’s license , railway ticket , ration card and all that or the extremely large amount of money wasted at the commonwealth games and so on ? Let me be clear . Both are equally bad . But the former affects every one of us more directly . Is punishing the guy who asked for a bribe  more important or is it more important that you don’t have to pay a bribe at all ? Yes the bribe taker should be punished but is’nt prevention better than cure? The major argument is that a strict law will deter the wrong doers. There are stern punishments for murder and rape too. That has not stopped murders and rapes, has it?

That is where we need to think beyond the lokpal . Look at the root of the issue and solve it . Why do we have to pay a bribe ? To get some work done fast .A certain process that otherwise takes weeks gets done in days or hours when a bribe is paid . That tells me something .That it is infact possible for that process to get done that fast . Why does it not happen  ? 
Well , the officer at the office will take his own time to work on it . Be patient enough and weeks , months later, you’ll find your work is done . Like in courts around the country , government offices have a lot of backlog . Files are simply not cleared fast enough to be able to clear new ones . Efficiency therefore is poor .
When you go to a government office , you are in a line . You are way behind the poor farmer who was there 2 weeks ago to get his land registered . Now by the time his file gets cleared , its going to be 2 more weeks . Consequently , yours will be cleared only months later . That is the reason for the delay.

But say you bribe the guy at the counter . He’ll clear your file ahead of the others . Basically you cut the line . Infact , there is no line at all . You bypass the line ! Sadly , the poor farmer is still stuck there because he can’t afford a bribe . And he has to wait for longer because there are more people who will get their files cleared by paying bribes .

It’s what they call a gap in supply and demand . The solution therefore , lies in recruiting more officers who will inturn clear more files , which will inturn reduce the backlog which will inturn reduce the time you need to wait for your passport or driver’s licence  and inturn make the whole process a lot more efficient and someday , hopefully , that farmer will get his work done too .

Now where does the lokpal get involved in all this ? It does not actually . Where the lokpal really needs to create an impact is at the higher levels . Things like the 2G scam and CWG scam . Let the lokpal investigate and prosecute the guilty in those sort of high profile cases . It reduces the burden of the lokpal , maximising it’s efficiency too . And instead of recruiting more people to work under the lokpal , you can simply add them to existing offices and make the whole system more efficient .

And what happens to bribe takers that will exist after all this ? The lokayukta at the state level is more than capable of handling those cases . The Lokpal does not need to bother about it .

This is just an opinion . It’s what I feel really has to be done . To implement this , it takes a strong will to counter graft . The government may have the will , it has failed to show it . And that is where I will be critical of this government . For not showing that will .

 I don’t have the support of 5000 people at some ground and thousands others everywhere else . So this opinion like the many, many others  will just vanish into  miniscule nothingness infront of the pseudo greatness the lokpal has acheived before even having been tried , tested and proven  .

Team Anna – A critique’s view

I have not , so far , blogged my opinion about any major national issue that’s been in the news . I always wanted my blog to stay politically correct !

But this issue of corruption , how to fight it , who should fight it and the lokpal bill and everything associated to it has become a matter of a great number of national debates . Kisan Baburao Hazare , the man known by the name Anna Hazare and his method of protest and the sheer number of people supporting him , and his recent confrontations with the government . All , initially appealed to me . Someone has decided to take it upon himself to clean up the mess that corruption has created and the people of the country were rightfully putting their might
behind him . I was behind him too .

That , however , has changed.

The media calls them Team Anna : Kisan Baburao Hazare , Arvind Kejhriwal , Kiran Bedi ,Prashanth and Shanthi Bhushan .

They took up the issue of a certain bill that was waiting to be passed for a very very long time . The Lokpal Bill . To set up an authority to look into allegations of corruption against government officials . The government agreed to table the lokpal bill . But Team Anna claimed , probably rightly so , that the government draft was inept , toothless , and outright useless in tackling corruption . They demanded that a joint commitee be created with members of civil society and government to draft an effective lokpal bill . 9 meetings later 34 out of 40 suggestions put forth by team Anna were accepted . Since I am no expert , I’ll reserve comment on the rights and wrongs.

By now Team Anna has a large following . Thousands of Indians , fed up with the menace of corruption , came out on the street in support of Anna Hazare . Most of them , like me , with no knowledge of the fine details of the lokpal bill . All , just happy that the fight against corruption , now had a face . Anna Hazare . The second Mahatma Gandhi . The modern day freedom fighter . The man leading India’s “Second War for freedom ” . But what Anna was crusading for now was , the acceptance of his draft bill and his alone . He and his supporters forgot one very important rule of democracy . It’s a country of 1.2 Billion , you simply can’t assume that all of them agree with everything you do ! There were other NGOs , social activists trying to bring their version of the lokpal to the government much before Team Anna .  Their opinion is as valuable as Anna’s . He , his team and his supporters have not thought about that . Is that fair ? Is that democracy ? Is a hue and cry in the name of a protest in public more democratic in anyway than a silent opinion expressed directly to the government ? No .

The bill was then , tabled in the parliament . The parliament inturn , as is procedure , sent the draft to a standing commitee of the parliament . That is where it stands . That is where the matter should end .
It did’nt . Kisan Baburao Hazare declared that if the Bill was not passed by the parliament by the 15th of August , he would go on a fast unto death .
Seriously ? I can understand setting deadlines for issuing passports and ration cards . But for parliament to pass a bill ? A serious bill ! It has to be discussed . It has to be framed and it has to be passed . The parliament also , incase everyone forgot , has to discuss a whole host of other issues . Price rise for example . And as if all that work was not enough , there was a debate in parliament about Anna Hazare .

Everyone has an opinion on this sudden outburst of public emotion . I have one as well . I am certain not everyone agrees with me .

 Is there a solution that can effectively end corruption ? Absolutely ! Is the Lokpal bill or the Jan Lokpal bill that solution ? Well , not really .

What is the solution then? More on that next time !

Let the Games Begin !!

It’s a new season and as always the expectations are huge ! Andre Villas Boas working with a team identical to the one under Carlo Ancelotti , has made clear that he intends to win and win big . Oriol Romeu and Romelu Lukaku will be great additions to the squad and if Modric makes the move chelsea will definitely be right up among the top three on paper . But , games , seasons and trophies are not won on paper ( Real Madrid , the biggest examples of that statement ) .

The season opener against Stoke city has just ended 0-0 but that’s hardly any cause for worry for AVB . On the contrary ,
he’ll find a lot of positives emerging out of this one. The largest of which being the return to form of Fernando Torres . Yes . He is at chelsea , incase you forgot ! Looking focused , having fun , dementing the stoke defenders and coming close to scoring on a number of occassions. Ramires too looked sharp and the little we saw of Drogba indicated he was hungry for goals and ready to go for the season ahead . The other positive came  in the last 15 minutes or so when we saw what many pundits and experts said would not happen , actually happened . That strike trio of chelsea Anelka , Torres and Drogba playing in the same squad and blending in seamlessly !

A poor first half was followed by a spirited second . AVB’s half time talk clearly worked and the final score justified the game not because Stoke played exceedingly well but because chelsea had two very contrasting halves . That being said , Stoke did put in a good first half performance but chelsea were just too good for them in the second .

20th August , Saturday , Stamford Bridge will come to life again when we host West Brom !

AVB , just to make a point to the other teams , put out the most attacking team he can !

Mr AVB , If you are reading this , Here’s what I would love to see !

Starting 11 : Torres,Anelka,Drogba,Benayoun,Lampard,Ramires,Ashley,Terry,Ivanovic,Luiz ( if fit , else Bosingwa ) ,Cech(GK)
Subs : Hilario(GK), Bosingwa ( If luiz is fit ) , Sturridge, Mikel ,Mceachran

Me-The hero that was’nt !

There are a lot of times when I am in a particular situation and under the circumstances perform a certain action . Later , back home , I think about it and dream of having done it a different way . A better way . A more efficient way . But then , for obvious reasons ,the after thought does not change anything . Now most of the time these actions and the after thought affects nobody’s life other than my own . Come to think of it , it never really affected my life either . But sometimes an action can change a lot of things for
a lot of people .

I was out with a friend buying stuff for a small project I am working on ( more on that in a separate post ) , when we decided to drop into a “snack shop” , called ladoos . Just as we began eating , a couple walked into the shop and made some enquires with the man at the counter. I just happened to have a glance at them and something told me that I have seen them before . Within seconds my brain had gone into a flashback to about 4 months ago .

AHA !! 4 months ago , at a supermarket , Fooddays , just across the street , this very couple was caught . Shoplifting . Their M.O ? While the man spoke with the person at the counter , the lady picked up packets and hid them under her sari . Since she is fat ( Is there a ruder way of saying that? cuz I really want to say it in a ruder way . Shameless fat lady ! ) , no one really would notice the packets that she had hidden . She would walk away and the man , after completing a long and friendly chat with the man at the counter , followed . On that day however , she was caught by an alert salesmen at fooddays.

I sat and watched . I saw her hand move towards a packet of chips . I was not sure if she had flicked it yet and was not even sure if they were still in the shoplifting business considering the were caught just across the street a few months earlier , so I did not raise an alarm . I continued watching for some ” solid evidence”. As her hand reached for the packet again , I shuffled in my seat . She saw the movement and noticed that I was watching and put the packet back. She then walked past her husband and turned her back away from me . Now I could no more see what she was upto but from there I was hoping the man at the counter would . Still , unsure of her motives, I waited . Some time later she walked out. I did not know if she had indeed picked something up so just watched where she was going. She crossed the road and disappeared into the darkness of the evening . The man did the same a little later . I too walked out hoping to see where they went , but could not see them around . I dragged my friend along to the nearby supermarkets ,including fooddays , wondering if they had the courage to go back again . Apparently they did not . I spoke with the cashier at fooddays and told him that the couple was around . He smiled , slyly , like he was just waiting for them to walk in so that he could get his hands on the people who dared rob from his shop !

I am still unsure if she had picked anything up . My gut tells me she did . I am pretty confident she did . But I did nothing . And that act , of nothingness from ,disappoints me . I did not have the courage to stop a crime in progress , even if it was just petty theft . I came back home and imagined all the different ways I could have alerted the shopkeeper that the lady was a thief . But , the afterthought makes no difference.

If only I had got them caught..I would have had a sense of satisfaction , the shopkeeper would not have been cheated and the thiefs , well they keep coming back so you can’t do much about that . So it would have made a difference to someone .

The only reason I have made this post is because there is this feeling of guilt inside me ! If only ! But life is made of ifs and buts and I’ll put this one down to experience . Next time I’ll be sure to do something different !

This is a real story by the way . Not a ficticious blog post . So keep your eyes open for thiefs like this and do something about it , unlike me ( OK fine ! I feel shameless but atleast I am making up for it by creating awareness about the crime ! ) . Having said that , don’t look at all fat couples with a detective’s eye . That will just be rude . Just stay alert ! Prevent a crime ! Be a hero !

                                                             True Story !

Welcomes and goodbyes – Part 4

Andre Villas Boas has taken over at chelsea and his first signing seems to be a goalkeeper ! Thibaut Courtois , is a long term replacement for current chelsea number 1 Petr Cech according to AVB.

Meanwhile the Modric transfer saga drags on like a Hindi serial with no end in sight . The playmaker has handed a written transfer request but Harry Redknapp has put his fingers in his ears saying “lalalalal-NOTlisteniiiinngggg”. Chelsea have raised the bid now to over 30 million pounds,something that spurs will find hard to resist.

While that story unfolds a transfer saga even longer than that one is unfolding at our london neighbours , Arsenal . Cesc Fabregas has pleaded Arsene Wenger to let him move to Barca atleast this time ! Barca have
bid 35 million pounds for the gunners captain and are not willing to raise that any further . Arsenal , after holding off this inevitable transfer for many seasons , might crack this time around.

Manchester United have signed Ashley Young and have set their sights on either Wesley Sneider or Luka Modric but will most likely fail in either attempt.

Back to chelsea now and in the first game under AVB , chelsea registered a 1-0 victory away to Portsmouth in the first of 5 pre-season friendlies. the only goal was an own goal by portsmouth .  Though the chelsea strikers failed to score , the midfield with Yossi Benayoun playing the holding midfielder’s role worked pretty well in the second half . 22 players got 45 minutes to play as AVB swapped the entire team at the break . 16 year old Nathenial Chalobah was the center of attraction in the second period .
AVB did not make any changes to the formation that Carlo Ancelotti used last term , a regular 4-4-3 . But what was evident was that the passing was a lot quicker and sharper than before and that seems to be the first change in tactics that AVB has brought in.

Chelsea now move far east to Malaysia for the asian leg of their preseason tour.

Till then I will scan around for more news and hopefully there will be an end to the Modric saga by then !

Castle Season 3 – Pocket sized season review !

“There are two kinds of people who sit around thinking about how to kill people. Psycopaths and mystery writers. I’m the kind that pays better. Who am I? I’m Richard Castle! “

Yup! Thats the intro to one of the best detective-romance shows on T.V today!

Another season has gone by and fans have been left in utter suspense after the season finale!
Season 3 of Castle gives us more insight about the murder of Johanna Beckett ( Kate beckett’s mother ) . Kate , who is still in pursuit of her mother’s killer had hit a dead end in season 2 when the she had to shoot the lone suspect she had in relation to her mother’s murder . But in season 3 , when the cop who had investigated the murder 12 years ago is shot in front of Beckett while trying to give her some vital clues , the case gets a whole new lead in the form
of Hal Lockewood , a professional sniper .

After being arrested by Kate in mid-season , Lockewood escapes in the season finale and approaches captain Roy Montogomery . This is when we realise that the captain too was involved in Beckett’s mother’s murder . But the captain who was a rookie following orders back when the murder happened , has tried and corrected himself since . When Lockewood asks the captain to bring beckett to a secluded air-base , he agrees but only to lure lockewood and team there so that the captain  himself could kill them all and save Beckett . The captain gets killed in the process but gets Castle to take Beckett away from the danger zone just in time.

While the fans remain in shock about the captain’s untimely and completrly unexpected death , another shocker of development comes about. At the captain’s funeral , while Beckett is delivering the eulogy , Castle notices a sniper in the foreground. He tries to push Beckett out of the line of fire ,but in vain. Kate gets shot in the chest and drops to the ground . The season ends with scene where castle is kneeling over Beckett’s body and tells her that he loved her .

Season 3 has been the most exciting season of Castle to date . 24 episodes , all having some sort of significance to the season as a whole! The cases were all very interesting and the acting was par-excellence! Nathan Fillion has outdone himself with his cheeky expression changes and dialogue delivery and so has Stana Katic , looking stunning as ever throughout the season!
Not to forget Ryan and Espesito who add to not only the comic element of the story but also carry out the “always backing their senior ( Beckett ) ” role brilliantly !
We learn more about them too in season 3 . Ryan is engaged to long time girlfriend Jenny and Espesito is going out with Lanie ,the forensic expert at the 12th Precint .
What happens in season 4 in anyone’s guess . Obviously Beckett will survive but the question is if season 4 starts after a time lapse to a point where Beckett is on the verge of recovery or if the story of her recovery process is also told . The latter is also a possibilty since Beckett’s boyfriend is a heart surgeon and this seems to be an ideal story line to build up that relationship so that the castle-beckett relationship does not turn into a complete stagnant love story and stays a rather adorable love-hate sort of realtionship!
The other question is ofcourse , who will take over precint 12 now that captain montgomery is no more?
September 19 is when season 4 is scheduled start abroad. But the Indian fans will have to wait much longer for it to air here !
I just can’t wait for season 4!

Interactive Blogging-The latest venture from the stables of Dudurudh !

I don’t like wasting my vacations . Nobody does . But I do . Almost everyone I know does too . My life has been reduced to , and I have said this before in one of my older posts , playing games on the computer or my Ipod Touch and watching tv serials on star world ( excluding The bold and the beautiful , I have mentioned this very crucial detail in the old post too ) . The reason I have brought this up again is not because I have run out of ideas to blog . It’s because I have run out of ideas to make something out of this extremely long vacation period ! If anyone does happen to have any good ideas please do let me know by mail . Which brings me to the more interesting part of this post . ( Interesting is a very very relative term . I know . But I’ll go ahead and use it anyway ) .

After the monumental failure of my guest writer idea ( no idea what that is right ? Yep . Hence monumental failure . I shall unveil my revamped plan for that in this post ) , I have come up with a brand new idea . Any suggestions , view points , bouquets and brickbats from any of you ( and you do not have to be part of blogspot for this ) , please send it to [email protected] . I will do my best to put up all the interesting suggestions or viewpoints here on my blog !

Now , about my revamped Guest writer idea . I had restricted the group of guests to just a bunch of close friends till now . And since that flopped ( yes thanks guys ! Now everyone thinks I am loner who can’t get his friends to write on his blog . For the record , I am not a loner ! But I could not get anybody to write for me . One of the few failed missions in my life . ) , I am inviting all of you to write for me ! Your views on any thing ! Just send it by mail to [email protected] with your post in the contents part of the mail . I promise I’ll go through all your mails and post your thoughts ( with your name ) on this blog !  Just type ” Blog-post ” in the subject line so that it’s easier for me to go through all the mails. Similarly , If you are sendings bouquets or brickbats or suggestions just mention that in the subject line .

I just hope that atleast this idea works out well for this blog ! Interactive blogging ! How cool is that !!!

Hallucinations in the rain .

It’s monsoon again ! It’s that time of the year when the rain gods takes up the herculean task of trying to clean up the atmosphere and the earth with that magical liquid , water . There is something special about the rain that makes me feel nostalgic , sometimes bardic , it awakens
the writer in me … or some such rubbish !

But it’s true . The rain does bring back memories . What it also does , is that brings those dreaded fevers and colds and running noses and headaches and all that ! And I am one of the many unfortunate souls to become “victims” of all that !
I make this post out of frustration ! Out of helplessness ! I can barely keep my eyes open and can hardly walk from one room to another without feeling as tired as a man who has been chasing chickens for 2 hours ! My nose is red like rudolf the reindeer’s and my head feels heavier than two sumo wrestlers put together !
But I am not here to complain ! I am here to … no not that..I am here not for that..I am here to..Oh what the hell..I am here to complain ! If only Blogspot was so far-reaching as to let god read this post !

It’s a sad post ..I know. Only complaints . No happiness . None at all . It’s one of those things a bad cold can do . But then again , what was I expecting of a bad cold? It’s bad . Evil . Anti-happy .
You think I have lost it , don’t you ? Truth be told , you are right . I have . And before I start blabbering nonsense about my “imaginary” pal named uyoyo I should stop this post.
Wait , did I say that out loud ?

Ok thats the limit. cya guys ! Hope to see you all soon ! Till then , YOU stay safe and don’t be stupid like me to catch a cold . catch a bus .. catch a ball..not a cold .. * OK DUDE STOP ! THAT’S ENOUGH WITH THE RIDICULOUS JOKES . *

In search of finer chocolate cake !

Roman Abromovich bought chelsea football club 8 years ago. Since then , we have had 8 different managers . 6 managers in the last four years . The lastest of them being Andre Villas-Boas . Jose Mourinho and Carlo Ancelotti  have been the most successful of them all.Meanwhile mr RA , like a rich kid adamant for the finest chocolate cake , has been behind the Champions league trophy all these years.And like the child would do if he did not
get it , he fired his chef and brought in a new one .
Why has this not worked with chelsea? The reason is simple .
Chelsea’s has been one of those squads that has had a constant solid core , comprising Frank Lampard,John Terry , Didier Drogba and Petr Cech . Everyone else formed the rest of the team around them . This has not been particularly unhelpful . Just that it always left us “that close” to the top spot but never got us there. It worked beautifully in the first few years when Jose was incharge. We won the Premier league twice and many other titles but the champions league did not come. That led to an understanding that this team is good enough to get there but it just needs two or three big names to boost it’s chances .  And RA opened up his purse from time to time for that . The shevchenkos and the Torres’ and others of the kind are examples of that .

But what RA and the managers coming in have to understand is that the core is not as strong as it was earlier . No disrespect to Lampard ( who is my all time favourite player ! ) or any of the others but powering the team for 8 years is a big task that they have done very well and it is very obvious that it’s not going to be that way forever . It’s about time we recreated that core with younger players whilst lampard and terry and the likes are still around to give them a helping hand .
But with a change in manager comes a change in thinking and when you think too much , the problem becomes bigger. It’s simple case of new managers being unprepared to change a system that has worked pretty well .
But the arrival of Andre Villas Boas gives me hope . He is not new to English Football having worked right here at chelsea as head scout under jose mourinho , but has little experience as a full time coach and if he is anything like his mentor( Jose Mourinho ) , could’nt care less about the historical value of players at the club and (the various ) playing styles of the club .
No sarcasm there . It is time someone like that came to Stamford Bridge . Someone who is not bogged down by clich├ęs and old school thought . Carlo was great . But even he , in his second season did not make the radical changes that ought to have been made especially after we lost the likes of Ballack and Joe cole . If we had seen CA around for another season , he probably would have made those changes but there is no point crying over spilt milk !
A 33 year old enthusiastic manager can make the difference if you ask me. If he is anything like what I have heard of him , we will see a dramatic shift from the traditional chelsea teams to a more sophisticated chelsea team with a lot of young blood and a hell lot of importance to the attack .
We have to adapt to life without Drogba and Lampard some time in the future .  Now is a good time to start the process of building a team that is not dependent on the seniors ,that can be carried forward by the youngsters and yet will be more lethal than previous teams . I certainly hope AVB can bring that . It’s a ray of hope that comes with every new manager but ,at the cost of putting more pressure on the new manager , I feel that ray is brighter than ever today !

With the hope that Andre Villas-Boas heralds the coming of a long, successful , title-winning period in chelsea’s history , I shall sign off and go in search of more chocolate cakes myself ! Untill next time , ciao , stay safe !!