Sheer romance

I’m a sucker for sheer curtains. I love how they float and dance for the mildest of kind breezes and how they filter the early-fall sun-rays into a cozy wave of what can only be described as pure joy. Although today it’s not the light through them that is gorgeous-it’s far too dark for that. But they’re still dancing.

A monument to insouciance

O but what country can progress, Without a monument to its leaders? One that fits the size of their egos,…

For the love of football- Thank you, next.

I’m sat here part angry, part ashamed, part sad, mostly defeated and on the verge of canceling those subscriptions and never watching another Chelsea game because a group of billionaires, driven by greed, are about to destroy the sport that hundreds of millions of fans around the world hold onto so dearly.

On Republic Day

There really has never been an India which hasn’t faced challenges of all shades including the social, environmental, political, religious,…

The X Book Challenge: Book 2 of X

There are few things that catch my attention like stuff related to Bangalore do and my friends know this well which is how this book landed up with me. Set partly in Bangalore of the 90’s and in a small town called Malehalli in the 80’s, this is a story that delicately weaves together friendships, young love, loss, envy, greed, misogyny and a changing political landscape in India that’s become increasingly casteist and communal.

The X Book Challenge: Book 1 of X

The drama of the EPL on the pitch is entertaining and it’s what we see every week on TV. But our eyeballs enable the business side of the league and this book documents the evolution of that business from an idea in a secret meeting in the early 90s to becoming the most watched sports league in the world.

#NYCDiaries Reboot

As of Friday last week, I’ve been on vacation (as much of a vacation as one can be on in…