A house committee of the Karnataka legislative assembly has recommended that the state government ban mobile phones in school and colleges. Why? The committee has concluded that the unprecedented number of rape and molestation cases are directly linked to the use of mobile phones. The committee goes on to suggest that ”the youth shouldn’t be allowed to use mobile phones until they become majors and attain maturity”. (As a side note, I’d like to point out the ”becoming majors and attaining maturity are two completely unrelated events. Proof of that, is that this extremely immature conclusion(to ban phones to prevent rapes) came from fully grown adults).

The committee points out that mobile phones are being used to lure girls to remote places so that they can be raped. That is a perfectly good argument, except that  mobile phones aren’t the only way to lure anyone to remote places. Rapes have happened before mobile phones and that seems to be something that is being happily ignored. On the contrary, the number of places in a hyper-city like Bangalore where there are no street lights is alarming. These streets automatically become ”remote places” where it is unsafe for anyone to walk after 9-10PM. If the house committee would only spend more time on fixing things like that. But no! If anything, mobile phones are the one thing that could actually save someone in a dangerous situation. Oh Oh! It is worth remembering that the karnataka assembly was where MLAs were caught using mobile devices to watch porn. Apparently, that’s alright. Fascinating logic, don’t you think?The truth is, politicians are always looking for excuses. This isn’t a debate about whether or not mobile phones should be allowed in colleges and school. That debate has been raging for many years now. The problem is, when something like a mobile phone or chowmein or dressing sense is blamed for rapes. Rapists are the one and the only reason for rapes. If the government can’t make the streets safer, they should just try harder. Get more cops on the streets, light up every street and take molestation complaints seriously. Do something! You weren’t made MLAs to be part of a committee that meets in 5 star hotels using tax payer money to come up with, excuse my language, bull shit conclusions like mobile phones cause rapes!  What is needed, is a change in mindset. But the reality is, even in  21st century India, there are many parts and large populations still stuck in an age long gone by. If we don’t raise our voice against every single atrocious statement and make sure that voice is heard in every corner of the country, we can’t change that ancient mindset. Let’s make that change. Let’s be that change! Stay safe! Stay informed!                                                                                                                             Anirudh Dinesh, Editor-At-Large, Dudurudh.                                                                                                                                                                      P.S : In case you haven’t read about it yet, here’s the link: Karnataka house panel blames rapes on mobile phones      

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