Innovate . And the world will be a better place .

Last week apple won its biggest court Case yet against Samsung . A California court ruled that samsung infringed three apple patents and must pay apple 1.05 billion dollars in compensation . The jury also allowed apple to list the samsung devices it wants to be banned in the USA . While that will be decided in a separate session sometime in December , the ruling itself came as a big shot in the arm for apple and a bigger body blow to Samsung .

Many people have viewed the legal battle these two giants are fighting in many different ways . One school of thought is that the consumer will end up bearing the brunt of this verdict because Samsung will price its products higher in order to make up the money it has been asked to pay .

While that seems to be a very obvious answer , it’s not entirely true . For a huge company like Samsung , one billion dollars is not an amount big enough to set alarm bells ringing .
It’s embarrassing . Yes . Not financially hurtful though . So in all probability you will not end up paying more . Samsung will know better than to react that way .

What really comes out of this battle the ?
Companies aggressively protecting what they claim to be theirs is Infact good for the mobile industry . The problem is a small section of narrow minded thinkers who don’t believe in the potential of technology .
I either read the following conversation somewhere on Facebook or overheard it somewhere . ” How can apple claim the patent to multitouch ? I mean how can you expect Samsung to make phones without it ? You mean Samsun should pay apple for a basic feature like that ? Apple is trying to monopolize the market !”
It’s a very very common argument . What will the competition do without this X Technology ? You cant patent that .
It’s that thought that is ruining the phones in the market today . The unbelievable success of multitouch and the amount of money phones using it rake in has attracted many companies , big and small , to try and get a piece of the pie .
Every new phone that comes out nowadays looks , feels , works the same way . One has a better camera while the other might have better screen resolution . That’s the number of options customers have . Choose a phone depending on which one has the better camera .
Innovation has died .
When the iphone first came out , it was a ginormous shift from , say , phones with qwerty keypads . Or single touch styluses . It changed everything . Nobody ever thought Beyond qwerty . But multitouch surprised everyone ! Everyone , apple included , have changed very little since .
The problem is that some people can’t think beyond multitouch now ! Give it time ! Someone will surprise you ! That’s is innovation ! Its the reason why Steve jobs once said that the customers doesn’t know what they want till you give to them .
Samsung in particular has lead the rat race in making the next minor change in the current breed of smartphones .
Sadly nothing dramatically has changed . For that reason , it’s good that apple is suing and getting countersued . It gets companies to start working towards making phone less similar to each other . Not just in look and feel but in a big way . When everything changes .
The company that brings out the next big thing in phones will win this battle . And take a lead in the war .
Apple has done it many times in the past . Samsung doesn’t really have THAT Much of a convincing history In Groundbreaking innovation. So apple has an edge there . Having said that I’d be Happy if it were Samsung . If it pushes apple to the wall , apple will come out with something more interesting . THAT’S the battle I want to Watch . Not some lame court cases . The war happens with the products and their features .
Imagine the huge variety of phones you’d have to choose from !
I can’t wait for the new iPhone ! And the new galaxy 4 ( if ever that is going to come out ) .

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