As of Friday last week, I’ve been on vacation (as much of a vacation as one can be on in the middle of a raging pandemic- Yes, its still raging. Convince me otherwise). Out of a sense of hubris, I decided now would be a GREAT time to start a vlog and document my very unexciting life. You know, because all of you are probably bored so perhaps you’d want to peek into someone else’s boring life too? No? Ok. I thought as much. Which is why three days into that really bright plan, I abandoned it. (A moment of silence for the selfie stick/vlog tripod that I ordered on Amazon which arrived at around the exact same time as I decided not to proceed with this plan). 

But in my two-day-long vlogging career, I discovered that as much as I am a narcissist (you have to be one to start a blog and I’ve had this one for nearly a decade), I’m not very fond of being in front of a camera or listening to myself talk. I much prefer the mysterious voice that writing gives me. Which is when it occurred to me. I already have a place where I used to document my life. It was called #NYCDiaries (read here) and it used to be something I updated fairly frequently when I first moved to the US 5 years ago. You can read that stuff here. So in an attempt to regularly journalize my life for myself, I figured that it’ll be way easier to reboot #NYCDiaries. So here it goes!

Reboot #1 

December 23, 2020.

This weekend, like most, was rather uneventful but the fact that I attempted to start a vlog led to some rather hilarious outtakes. Like the time I record a timelapse of doing laundry and I nearly dropped my phone into the detergent compartment. Here’s a little peek into that if you care for a really, really poorly recorded video. Lets just say that that ambition is going safely into the back-est possible back burner. 

More successful I was, though, with re-planting my rapidly expanding collection of green chili plants. They grow so aggressively that if you leave too many of those sapling together, they’ll kill each other (apparently). So in the process of trying to save them, I’ve now repotted what used to be a single pot four weeks ago into ELEVEN different pots. It’s getting out of hand. I’m happy to put some of them up for adoption if anyone would like a pot in the spring. I genuinely enjoyed the process of putting a seed in the soil and watching that first little sapling crane its neck out of there and grow into these beauts. Its the opposite of instant gratification and I think that’s the kind I prefer. So I’ve now planted lemons and later this week, capsicum (do we have to call it bell peppers?). For updates on their growth, follow @planteas on instagram. 

The cornucopia of chilli plants

That’s about it. Not much else that’s exciting. I’ve lost the will power to sit down and read a book so I’ve decided that it’s going to more effective if I try to read TWO books simultaneously. So I read one chapter of Obama’s new book and switch to one chapter from another book called “The Club” about the birth and rise of the English Premier League. It’s worked well so far (I’ve done it for a day. Is it too early to call it a success?). 

Anyway. That’s that. I hate to call the vlogging attempt a total failure because I did manage to capture some half recent footage while walking to buy groceries and then later from a cab while passing the Manhattan skyline. So in the interest of fairness to myself, here’s that footage too. 

See in the next one! 

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