Over the last 3 years, Dudurudh has grown consistently in terms of readership. Every milestone we cross is only because of you, our beloved reader. It gives us the motivation and the energy to work harder. With every passing article, the passion, the commitment and the thinking only increases and we’re proud of how much we’ve achieved through this process. Having said that, we’re not satisfied. Not even close! Our constant attempt to improve and expand isn’t something that started with this post or the facelift that happened a few weeks ago. Ever since this blog was one draft post old, we’ve been trying to change for the better. More regular posts, better quality articles, a larger variety of articles. And as we expand, slowly but surely, we assure you that we’ll always keep that mind.
Dudurudh has an identity. One of truth and honesty. But equally, we’re willing to play the devil’s advocate. Presenting a view, sometimes interpreted as cynical and pessimistic. It’s a difficult balance to maintain but one that we try really hard to achieve. With all these principles firm in our hearts and heads, we got our very own artist-friend, Roo, to design a logo for us! Thank you Roo!

But here’s why we, at Dudurudh, are really excited. We’re on facebook! It has been a long time coming and we’re glad that it has finally happened. We’re working on getting a twitter account up and running for the tweeple out there! In the meanwhile, you can like our Official FB page by clicking the link and make sure you share it with all your friends too! All the old posts are not on the page, just a small collection of our most popular posts. You can catch all our posts in future there! Go on then! Like us to Love us!

Till the next time,
Stay Safe! Stay Informed!

Anirudh Dinesh
Editor-at-large, Dudurudh.

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