The day SRT retires , this nation will put aside all other issues plaguing it and mourn .
The day SRT retires , this nation must remember that every time he took to the crease , there was renewed hope in everyone’s heart .
The day SRT retires , this nation must not forget that for longer than most of us have been alive , one man has been giving millions of people a reason to smile .
The day SRT retires , this nation must celebrate the career of a man , no , of the god .
The day SRT retires , this nation will realise that at age 38 one man scored 200 runs in a game . This nation will realise that age has nothing to do performance .
The day SRT retires , people in news studios will say that it was about time .
That he struggled against England and Australia . That he should have gone out on a high .
The day SRT retires , the critics will realize that it doesn’t get any higher than 34,000 international runs . 100 international centuries . 199 international wickets and 254 international catches .
Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar . Not one person of the 1.2 billion people in this country has the right to tell you when to go . But for one . You .
You didn’t ask us when you decided to take the mortal world by storm 20 years ago . You don’t need to ask us when you decide that you want to leave .

One response to “SRT10 .”

  1. RrAaVvAaNaAa Avatar

    Good one! he is a legend of his own. nobody can replace him.nobody was there before him and nobody will be there after him. we all respect him. but again iam not his fan.

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