It’s been an unusual season.Chelsea carried on from where they left off last season , scoring tons of goals and terrorising opposition in the premier league and going unbeaten for long periods in the group stages of the champions league . Liverpool was , pardon my language ( no better way to put this ) , screwing up in ways people thought was not possible ,going to 11th in the table at one point, and tottenham and arsenal piling the pressure on teams above them in the premier league and the champions league .

 And then came chelsea’s “december disaster” ! Seven key players ,Lampard (who was out since august) , Drogba , Alex , Benayoun ,Essien ,Ivanovic ,and Zhirkov all out and chelsea was playing with an almost second string squad . Points dropped , games lost , confidence low , everything that should not be happening to a football club , all hit us at once ! Chelsea dropped to fourth in the table with people feeling we won’t secure a champions league spot for next year , Arsenal moved up to second .
Few weeks later , Chelsea was eliminated from the champions league at the hands of Manchester united and Arsenal by Barcalona.

And then fast forward to the 8th of may ,2011 !  Thanks to some luck and a hell lot of character Chelsea are back in second place ( coming from being  18 points behind at one stage ) with today’s game against united that could potentially decide the title ! And Arsenal , like in previous seasons , ran out of steam by the end of the season and are struggling at third . Liverpool have come back briliantly and are pushing for a champions league spot and spurs have been relegated to fifth , where they belong if you ask me .

With just three games left for the end of the season , we have two teams very much in the reckoning for the title . The premier league , in it’s glorious history , has never been decided on goal difference . Should Chelsea win today , that might well be the case come the end of the season .

The winner tonight will in all probability take home the title but as always in a chelsea man united game , there is something more than that at stake , BRAGGING RIGHTS !

I would like to point out something at this stage. Should Chelsea win today ( and I expect they will ) , United will go to Wembly with one thought in their mind . “screw this up and you go trophy-less this season ” .. AND because of that , coming into this game too , United have ALL to lose . As for chelsea , After the hopeless season that this one has been , even second place will be a victory and the title will be a BEEEG bonus ! so chelsea have nothing to lose !

Will OT become the Theatre of broken dreams ?  Will chelsea script one of the most spirited comebacks the league has seen ? Will chelsea  rise like the phoenix  and retain the title? We’ll know in about 2 hours !!

Chelsea 4ever !!!

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