GW2 : Repercussions

As the guest writer articles begin to come in slowly, this is one sent in by Roo, on the head first plunge into quicksand that architecture students take.  

That’s the time it hits you that the amount of work you’ve done is not enough.
As architecture students, you’d think that we’d be used to sem end vivas. M’afraid not.
This is the trauma our minds block, which only leads to cluelessness on how to proceed, when we reach the same point next year.
And the trauma recurs again.
This endless cycle is supposed to prepare you to deal with future clients I suppose, though I barely see how.
Clients can be begged for extension of time.
They can be subdued.
They don’t hold my future with them.
I’d much rather not work than panic work.
Sometimes I wonder if the famous ones lose their minds as much as we do with their workload.
But then I suppose it’s their interns I should be referring to.
Unless we become the best, the most sought after, I’m afraid there’s no hope to this endless misery.
If anyone is taking this course because they think its easier than the engineering counterpart, I seriously advise you to think again.

It’ll make you swear and cuss, not that you don’t already, so that’s not all that bad.

•Forget the outside world. Yes, you might get to go out once in a while, or twice, but apart from that, get ready to look like the Dracula kind, minus the blood drinking.

•Lose all rationality. If you start talking like hodor after two semesters in, hodor hodor hodor!(read:don’t blame me)

•Learn to live with the constraints. There will be bad teachers, bad workload, but there’s only so much students can alter.

•Deadlines will never be postponed. Unlearn to procrastinate. Like that’s ever going to happen. Maybe I’ll start tomorrow.

•Forget social life. I know I’ve mentioned it above. But I can’t stress how important this point is. Whilst people go clubbing and drinking on various occasions, you’d definitely either be making sure that your draft of a door looks like the actual thing, or staring at the screen of your computer, and wonder at your reflection in it, what indeed you’re doing with your life.

Oh swell. It’s been 2 hours and I’ve been, drawing furniture,rather horribly, if I may add.
Maybe it’s time to sleep. I could work on it later, one part of my brain says, caring only for me.
Later? What later? You’ve got 7 hours left! Another says, the more rational side.
But the fact that its now 8.08 and my sheets are in the same stage, you can guess which side of my brain I went to bed with last night.
Groggily awaken to your mother’s wake up calls(yes you still live with her, you can’t afford to move out, with how expensive the course is) and get ready for the most important day of your semester.
Lets continue with some of the disadvantages of the course I mentioned above

•Expensiveness. You will need to buy t scales, technical pens, blah blah blah (See what I did there? No? Okay). Things unheard of. Expensive things. Wallet burning things.

•Sleep cycles. You won’t have one. You’re not an owl, neither are you human. The amount of sleep we don’t get should’ve killed us already(I’m serious, there’s a study to prove it).
Think of yourself as the twilight vampire cast (cringes at reference), unable to sleep.

I think I should’ve convinced you to think twice. I hope I have. I wouldn’t endow this torture on any soul.
But it does have positives, a minority, but they’re there.

•It’s fun. Which is true, it is fun. While engineering students are busy sleeping in their oh-so boring classes, you’ll be making shapes and models, learning how things you daily use operate.

•It’s artsy. Big advantage for me. For people who aren’t artistically oriented in the least (You can’t draw a stick figure)DO NOT THINK ABOUT JOINING. Or it’ll be like a really expensive arts course.

•You learn a lot. You’re made to learn aspects of engineering and beautifying them, interesting? Hell yes. Tedious? Wouldn’t say no.

•You will find company. No matter how different from you your classmates are, cribbing about the field will bring you together. I won’t promise unity though.

•You can travel the world. You’ll learn about how buildings were built in Ancient Greece and Rome. You can use this as an excuse to go see these places, if you can afford it. But I’m sure the classes you’ll learn about it in will excite you enough to plan a trip.

•Your exams can be studied the night before. I can vouch for this one. Having studied all the theory in 2hours. Also group studies would work.

•It gives you a lot of reasons to enjoy metal. The heaviest kind. I’m pretty sure after a year or two, you’ll make some of your own metal. (Cue : given up-Linkin Park)

•You’ll know your city better. Looking for places where you’ll find what you need fast and possibly as cheap as it can get, will make you slowly climb out of your cave (yes, you can call it that) and go to these unheard of places.

•People skills. Apart from actually being a subject(Because the student life makes you forget that there exists a population outside of your home and college), you’d be calling up a LOT of people. For internships, to locate shops, receiving calls from aspiring juniors, etcetera.

Oh god. It’s almost here. The panic is gone.
There’s a numbness, a sort of zombiness to me, eyes rimmed red from lack of sleep. There’s a silent prayer in the back of my mind. Asking that everything goes okay. That it’ll be fine, that my work will be enough.
Only time will tell.

Image Courtesy Ankita Kemkar

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GW1: A new beginning

The following is an article sent in by my first guest writer. A beautifully crafted article that’ll connect with some and ends on a note that all stories must end on, one of strength and renewed hope. Enjoy!

At the end of two decades, I stood, mentally, at the top of a skyscraper.
Partly because I’ve been playing too much batman, and partly because I’m an architecture student.
But mostly, that would be the place I’d make my life changing decisions, because I was nyctophilic, and I preferred solitude.
So, here I stood mentally, at the edge of a skyscraper, staring into the city’s beautiful night sky, alone.
It scared me.
But it’s also a habit.
I didn’t like mingling, I was what you’d call antisocial. Heck I was probably emotionally detached from everyone.
Even my parents.
Though I didn’t have anything solid to prove that I was indeed emotionally detached, I really didn’t want to get to it.
My parents would always usher and encourage my entanglement with more of ‘my kind’, often with tough luck.
They would try to lure me, to make me see the appeal in speaking to others, relentlessly, however at some point, I felt even they’d started giving up.
I wasn’t always this way, though. As a child I was bright and happy, and very talkative.
I have no clue how I’ve come to become this person, much less enjoy it.
I guess sometimes life just happens to you.
From this high above, I look down, at the million possibilities, of me. The very many choices I avoided to become who I am, and silently wondered how I’d have been had I chosen otherwise.
I thought of myself, chirpily hopping along with my friends at new year, while in reality I spent it at home, upset. I looked at myself, skipping classes, lying, enjoying the very thrill of my teen life.
Would I have been happy?
Probably not, I decided. The grass was always greener on the other side.
An astrologer had told my mother once, that I’d be like a mother to her, much less, her child. Sadly, he meant that in every literal sense. I am exactly like my grandmother when it comes to being with my mother.
I feel for her, I do, dealing with two of the same kind, with the obligation to love both.
But more than my demanding granny, I feel I’m most like my father.
Detached. A little patient. Craving freedom.
Though, some of my traits my family admits are inexplicable.
Like my art, for example.
It’s very existence in my entire family , at least in my genre of it, only exists with me so far.
But the talent has limits.
Everybody has one special thing, that they do, a USP of sorts, apart from maybe me.
Some are known for people skills, others for lying, and most for other artistic abilities.
Me? I’m perfectly average.
The student who scores neither too bad, nor too good; The artist who is good, but wouldn’t sell; The musician who would appeal, but never make money; The writer who is never appreciated.

I suppose the counter argument would be that this was all in my head, and I had no way of knowing if others were truly better or not.
And I suppose that that was probably right.
But it wouldn’t stop me from thinking the way I do. It’s human tendency.
The fields I listed above are fields I’d do well at, but would never excel, they’d never be the source of my income  if I ever have to stand on my feet.
I stood at the very edge now, tears slipping by. Two decades had passed and I didn’t know. Who was I really?
The question haunted me. I had no answer.
I was made to write a resume once, I remember the mammothian task I had to face.
To list out your potential as a worker to the people who shall hire you. Isn’t that what a resume does?
Being a harsh critic of everything, especially myself, I’d almost handed in an empty paper,had my mother not intervened and edited it.
Then there was the love scenario.
I was never good at the romance, despite being a closet romantic. Having been brought up in a very conservative environment, but in a western world, my morals were as confused as I was.
At an age when everyone around me would party, enjoy and get boyfriends, I’d sulk away, scared.
My deepest secrets were mine to keep, not for the world to know, or a partner to share.
Sometimes I wish I had a pet, a cat maybe, someone reminiscent of my own being, someone who would show me, what it is to be me.
But my parents wouldn’t allow me of that, further pushing me towards solitude.
I wouldn’t blame them, they thought of my better (and the cat’s).
Somewhere I heard a clock strike twelve.
So, the time had come…
The old choices I could’ve made fade away into darkness, leaving me, on a building ledge, ready to tip over into a new year. A new stage of my life.
A new beginning.
With the 12th strike, I let go, of my past, my tears, my emotions.
I plunged face first into my future, hoping that maybe this time , my decisions will be right.

Interactive Blogging-The latest venture from the stables of Dudurudh !

I don’t like wasting my vacations . Nobody does . But I do . Almost everyone I know does too . My life has been reduced to , and I have said this before in one of my older posts , playing games on the computer or my Ipod Touch and watching tv serials on star world ( excluding The bold and the beautiful , I have mentioned this very crucial detail in the old post too ) . The reason I have brought this up again is not because I have run out of ideas to blog . It’s because I have run out of ideas to make something out of this extremely long vacation period ! If anyone does happen to have any good ideas please do let me know by mail . Which brings me to the more interesting part of this post . ( Interesting is a very very relative term . I know . But I’ll go ahead and use it anyway ) .

After the monumental failure of my guest writer idea ( no idea what that is right ? Yep . Hence monumental failure . I shall unveil my revamped plan for that in this post ) , I have come up with a brand new idea . Any suggestions , view points , bouquets and brickbats from any of you ( and you do not have to be part of blogspot for this ) , please send it to [email protected] . I will do my best to put up all the interesting suggestions or viewpoints here on my blog !

Now , about my revamped Guest writer idea . I had restricted the group of guests to just a bunch of close friends till now . And since that flopped ( yes thanks guys ! Now everyone thinks I am loner who can’t get his friends to write on his blog . For the record , I am not a loner ! But I could not get anybody to write for me . One of the few failed missions in my life . ) , I am inviting all of you to write for me ! Your views on any thing ! Just send it by mail to [email protected] with your post in the contents part of the mail . I promise I’ll go through all your mails and post your thoughts ( with your name ) on this blog !  Just type ” Blog-post ” in the subject line so that it’s easier for me to go through all the mails. Similarly , If you are sendings bouquets or brickbats or suggestions just mention that in the subject line .

I just hope that atleast this idea works out well for this blog ! Interactive blogging ! How cool is that !!!

Lazy blogger !!

This blog ,which I proudly call mine , hit a 100 views a week or so ago ! yes ! woohoo ! As a matter of fact I even announced it in my previous post ! I even announced a worldwide party to celebrate my “success” !! Infact ,  I’m still in the hangover of that acheivement ! So much so , that I did not bother posting anything in the last week !  I was , as they say , resting on my laurels 😛

Now , My guest blogger idea just never seems to take off ! Thanks to some lazy co-bloggers and even lazier main blogger ( yep , that’s me ) ! Pestering them week after week for the last 2 weeks has had no effect and so …well and so I guess i’ll have to continue doing so till they agree to write !

Truth be told , they have agreed to write . Their problem is that they just can’t think of anything to write about . And that’s why I decided to help them today !

So co-bloggers listen up ! You can write about anything you want to! Some kid hit you with a balloon ? Blog it ! A stupid crow stole your packet of chips? Blog it ! Osama bin laden was killed? Blog it ! Oh..wait..I already did that one ! My point is that this is not a live debate .. No one will question you for writing something you beleive in ! It’s YOUR shout-it-out soapbox ! So stand up and speak !

But the major problem is not that ! You find a topic .. You sit down to type it out..You start and then you think “damn it..I can’t think of anything more to write ..I’ll save it as a draft and do it tomorrow” ! I’m sure that’s happened to most of us ! Certainly happened to me more than just a couple of times !

I am not going to ask you to change that ! Sometimes if you can’t finish what you started it just shows you are’nt actually interested in what you are writing ! So chuck that , start over ! Write about something that you really want to tell that world ! Something that you have always wanted to shout out in public but never did !

You can take your time and write what you want because after all this is a blog for crazy , lazy bloggers  !!

P.S : Co bloggers start co-blogging for the love of god ! I announced my plans weeks ago ! People are begining think I lied about the whole thing !!